Magical Boy Akiko

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Name: Akiko Kai Tsubame
Age: 16
Date of Birth: February 14 1991
Race: 1/2 Angel 1/2 Human?
Powers:Healing, Elementals
Likes: Koryu, Pocky, Sweets, His friends and family, Fighting, Magic
Dislikes: Perverts, Being surprised, Stupidity
Crush: Koryu

Name: Koryu ***** Yamino
Age: 17
Date Of Birth: October 31
Race: Guardian
Powers: neutral elemental magic
Likes: Akiko, Magic, hugging Akiko, food, making Akiko flustered, Akiko
Dislikes: People who hit on Akiko, people who are mean to Akiko
Crush: Akiko (did I really have to tell you that?)

Name: Megumi Samantha Tsubame
Age: 15
Date of Birth: August 15 1991
Race: 1/2 Angel 1/2 Human?
Powers: N/A
Likes: Cosplay, Pocky, Text messaging, shopping
Dislikes: Bitter things, School
Crush: N/A

Name: Tsukiko Tsubame
Age: 9,999,999,999
Date of Birth: January 1 0 (The day God made earth)
Race: Angel
Powers: Healing
Likes: ******, Akiko, Sweets
Dislikes: Nothing
Crush: ******

Name: Peri Hiroko
Age: 15
Date of Birth: May 15
Race: Human
Powers: None
Likes: Candy, DDR, Pudding
Dislikes: People who steal her candy
Crush: Everyone

Name: Aiko Tsukino
Age: 15
Date of Birth: February 9
Race: Human
Powers: Superhuman Strength
Likes: Pudding, Shiny things, Makeup
Dislikes: being almost there, wannabe Ganguro
Crush: N/A

Name: Kai ******
Age: N/A
Date of birth: N/A
Race: human?
Powers: superhuman abilities
Likes: Working, Taking care of Akiko and Megumi, Fighting, Cleaning
Dislikes: ********s
Crush: N/A

Name: AiShi
Age: 17
Date of Birth: December 25
Race: Human
Powers: the power of SONG :D
Likes: Ace, Singing
Dislikes: punks
Crush: Ace

Name: Kioko Bitach
Age: 17
Date of Birth: October 5
Race: Surprisingly human
Powers: extreme ugliness and annoyance
Likes: anything that is popular
Dislikes: Koryu and people Akiko pays attention to
Crush: Akiko unfortunately

Name: Jae-Hwa
Age: 15
Date of Birth: January 1
Race: Human
Powers: None
Likes: Canned peaches, stars, yellow, spicy food, fashion
Dislikes: Orange, squash
Crush: *****

Name: Ace
Age: 19
Date of Birth: December 31
Race: Human
Powers: kick assness
Likes: Playing guitar, singing
Dislikes: jackasses
Crush: *****

Name: Jacey
Age: 19
Date of Birth: March 20
Race: ½ Human ½ Angel
Powers: Elemental, Summoning
Likes: Guys, pink and black, Sweets
Dislikes: bitches
Crush: Mizuki

Name: Nakie
Age: 17
Date of Birth: February 19
Race: Human
Powers: The powers of ROCK
Likes: Bunnies, Squirrles
Dislikes: jackasses
Crush: N/A

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